Good Morning, Pittsburgh - LA Kings Insider

Good Morning Pittsburgh, and Good Morning Insiders!

I am not Ro(se)n……but I am your acting LA Kings Insider for the next five games, encompassing five different Eastern Conference cities. You might as well call this swing the Zach Dooley Trip – My first trip filling in as the LAKI last season was a four-game swing that featured Detroit, Buffalo, Columbus and Pittsburgh, which if you’re looking ahead is four of the five cities featured on this current road trip. Just don’t ask me how many wins I accrued as the LA Kings Insider on that trip.

To me at least, this feels a little bit familiar to say good morning to these four particular cities. Outside of the additional game in Boston that this season’s trip contains, I couldn’t get much less diversity in my travels. I know what you’re thinking, why is the kid from the AHL complaining, send him back to the bus ride home from Stockton! No complaining at all here, other than that we can’t catch a Pirates game at the gorgeous PNC Park across the bridge from the hotel.

Any who, we are technically on Game 2 of a six-game road trip, with the Kings standing at 1-0 after a 2-1 win in Anaheim on Thursday. The Kings will skate this morning in Pittsburgh before a 4 PM puck drop, Pacific Time, and then we head to Detroit to complete a back-to-back set tomorrow evening. Tonight’s opponent was already Kessel-less, is currently Crosby-less, and may possibly be Malkin-less. Lots of signs point to the latter not being the case, but we will find out closer to game time tonight with Pittsburgh not expected to take a morning skate.

More to come from the #ReignOnTheRoad #KingsOnTheRoad.