Rule changes approved by GMs, will head to competition committee before B.O.G. - LA Kings Insider

The NHL’s general managers approved several rule changes for the 2019-20 season intended to improve on-ice safety and add offense. The first step in how the league’s official rules are amended, these rule changes must be approved by the NHL-NHLPA Competition Committee before they’re voted on by the Board of Governors at their annual meeting in Las Vegas during the NHL Awards.

The proposed rule changes include:
–Clocks displaying time remaining in a period and in a penalty embedded in the corners
–Players who don’t leave the ice immediately after losing their helmet will be penalized
–Team going on a power play can choose the side of the ice for the first faceoff of their power play
–Faceoff stays in the end zone when a puck is shot out of play by an attacking player or

More on these proposed changes as well as other changes being considered and those that were shelved were broken down by Dan Rosen of

–Lead photo via Minas Panagiotakis/NHLI