The No-Name Podcast (Vol. 2). We're still working on that. - LA Kings Insider

INSIDERS. It’s a Thursday. How’s your commute looking? Probably terrible, if you’re in Los Angeles or surrounding environs. May we suggest a new and cool (and sort of unnamed) podcast? Patrick O’Neal and I discuss dressing room decorum as reporters, conveying excitement on broadcasts during team struggles, how we handle negative criticism and how to find an ideal balance to remain healthy and happy on the road. LA Kings Director, Communications and Media Services Mike Kalinowski joins us to discuss the team’s approach towards handling its players. He shares some behind-the-scenes memories of working with Darryl Sutter (a great story at 31:48) that listeners are very likely to enjoy. We pay tribute to the wonderful musical artists from Minnesota, including Prince, whose material was sung in an adjacent room shortly before we hit record, and listen to Dustin Brown, who (at 55:42) shares what he’s seen from the team’s struggles and how he watches games he doesn’t play in. Pull up a chair and set your digital dial to the… uh… [Road Apples] Podcast?

Prince: “1999”
Soul Asylum: “Runaway Train”
Bob Dylan: “Tangled Up in Blue”
Prince: “When Doves Cry”