Campbell goes to great lengths as a teammate - even as Doughty's house sitter - LA Kings Insider

Jack Campbell spent much of the off-season in Southern California – when he wasn’t serving as Jonathan Quick’s towel boy at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas, of course.

“That was fun. That was an honor,” Campbell said. “That Quickie asked me to go shows his character.”

But while he earned some well-deserved down time around his workouts and on-ice sessions, he still had to report to his second job: Drew Doughty’s house sitter.

Doughty spends most of his summers in Ontario, and with his August 8 wedding, 2018 was no different. In the past, there had been the occasional interloper to stay at Doughty’s house while he was away, but this year, Campbell provided a touch more permanency as a respectful guest who maintained order in the house and took pristine care of it. The South Bay is an expensive place to live over the summer, and Campbell’s temporary residence at Doughty’s Hermosa Beach house helped alleviate some of the costs of Southern California living.

“A lot of guys on the team, a few guys, questioned me about living at my house this summer because I’ve been doing that for about eight or nine years, just letting guys live there throughout the summer when I’m gone,” Doughty said. “The other guys that had asked, they were put-together and well-respected and would’ve been respectful of the house, but there were a couple guys that might’ve a few after parties or something like that, and so I knew Jack wasn’t going to be like that. I think anyone that knows Jack knows he’s super respectful, one of the nicest guys, one of the best teammates ever, so I knew he would do everything in his power to keep that place looking brand new when I got back and I knew that he would take great care of it. He was so thankful to live there. He was great. We came back and there were no issues. We’re just happy he could live there.”

Along with his invitation to join Quick in Las Vegas and his eminently amiable disposition, it’s another example that Campbell has endeared himself to his teammates to a far greater degree than some might associate with just six games in a Kings uniform. But with his attitude and positivity – and along with his .927 goals-against average with the team through his sturdy play late last season – he’s become a popular figure on the team in which he’s taken significant strides in his career.

“It was just such a cool thing and shows how great of a team guy he is to help somebody out,” Campbell said. “For me, it was amazing. I got to live at Drew’s place by myself and it just helped my training a lot. I was able to cook every day and just really enjoy it.”

Doughty said there wasn’t much in the way of “rules,” and that he knew that Campbell would adhere to whatever was asked of him.

“I think we respect guys on our team a lot, so I just tried to keep it as clean as possible for him and was just excited to be there,” Campbell said.

Even when Doughty returned to town and offered one semi-serious directive, his house sitter jumped at the opportunity to be of assistance.

“Actually, when [Drew] got back, he sent a group text to all the boys and he was joking, but he was like, ‘one of you young guys, come pick me up from the airport at 5:00,’” Campbell said. “So, I just went and picked him up and had all his favorite stuff ready for him and he thought it was hilarious because he was just kidding in the group [text]. But just little things – he’s such a great guy, so it’s the least I can do.”

The house was in perfect working order when Doughty returned.

“I did hear he did have a few after parties though in summer,” Doughty said before transitioning into how he’ll mischievously raise the issue. “‘So, I heard from one of the other boys on the team,’ I’ll say. ‘You never told me you had [a party].’ I’m going to try to bring it up and scare him a little bit.”

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