The Gretzky Trade press conference; links, audio roundup - LA Kings Insider

HAVE SOME TIME TO KILL? 30th Anniversary of ‘The Trade’ – Wayne Gretzky Joins the LA Kings (LA Kings) | How Jerry Buss and Bruce McNall brought Wayne Gretzky to Los Angeles 30 years ago (The Athletic/$) | The Gretzky Trade: A day that shook Edmonton’s sporting foundation (Sportsnet) | 10 Wayne Gretzky trade facts 30 years later, from Alan Thicke to tears (USA Today) | Wayne Gretzky trade still ‘unthinkable’ 30 years later (Sporting News) | From 30 years ago: The day Wayne Gretzky went to L.A. (CBC Archives) | 30 years after his infamous trade, Wayne Gretzky has his eye set on the future of hockey (Edmonton Star) | Gretzky hopes to spread the hockey gospel in China (Edmonton Journal) | Gord Miller on Gretzky trade: ‘Its impact lasted for years’ (TSN Video) | McNall – It was actually Gretzky that held the trade together (TSN Video) | Gretzky helping to grow hockey in China ( | Gretzky trade to Kings left long-lasting impact on NHL, sport ( | Gretzky trade to Kings leaves mark on then-GM 30 years later ( | Lafleur nearly joined Gretzky with Kings 30 years ago ( |

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