March 15 postgame quotes: Detroit - LA Kings Insider

Jeff Blashill, on how he thought Jared Coreau played:
I thought Jared played good. I thought our team played good in front of him. You know, I thought we played extremely good defensively. I mean it was a tight, tight checking game. It was hard to get offense. Both teams blocked tons of shots. Both teams had stick on puck. I thought Jared did a good job, made saves when you needed to. I thought Quick made saves when you needed to. And unfortunately we come up on the short end of that. I mean our kill had done a great job on that kill and it goes up, hits the goalie in the back of the net, and goes in. So it’s unfortunate.

Blashill, on playing like a team that’s still in playoff contention:
We’ve got lots of character in our room, there’s no question of that. We fought our tails off for a long time here, haven’t had results. That’s a hard thing. Our guys keep coming and playing. I think that speaks to the leadership in this room.

Henrik Zetterberg, on Kopitar’s goal:
Yeah, even the first goal from the blue line there also, but you won’t get a lot of chances against a team like this. They play really very solid defensively. Clog up the neutral zone, but they don’t create that much either. So it’s especially tough too, when they get goals like they got today even though we were battling back and got that tying goal on the power play. So that second one is a tough one.

Zetterberg, on Coreau’s performance:
He played well. I don’t know, the middle of the game I think was ten shots each so you don’t get a lot of action as a goalie, but when they get some chances they have some skilled players on their team.

Zetterberg, on the scrappiness of Tyler Bertuzzi:
Yeah, awesome. I think he’s been one of our best players since he got the opportunity to play a little bit more and he will have a long future here.

Jared Coreau, on how he thought he played:

There was some good things, some bad things, you know, some things you learn from. Ultimately we just didn’t get the win.

Coreau, on Kopitar’s goal being “flukey”:
Yeah, it just went off our guy, their guy, back of the net, rolled up and hit me in the back.

Coreau, on not being able to find a way to win:
You know, we had our chances in front, we just–I think some puck luck will help. Not much else to say.