March 3 postgame quotes: Kopitar - LA Kings Insider

Anze Kopitar, on what allowed them to give up four goals in the third:
I mean we took a few undisciplined penalties, really. We got the three-one lead with some chances to put the game away and we didn’t do it and we paid the price for it.

Kopitar, on whether this was game where emotions got the best of them:
Yeah, I mean emotions run high this time of year. I mean, we all obviously want to contribute and play hard, but you’ve got to do it within the rulebook, and we didn’t do that tonight.

Kopitar, on having to wait five days until their next game:
It’s not about the waiting part. We pissed this one away. We pretty much had the two points in the bank and I guess that we had some chances to make four-one and most likely that’s game. But we didn’t do it and, like I said, we paid a price for it.

Kopitar, on whether anyone has spoken with Drew Doughty regarding the unsportsmanlike penalties he’s taken this year:

We’ll address it. It’s about the team. [pause] I think he obviously feels bad about it, but he has taken a few this year, so hopefully he doesn’t do it anymore.