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Good morning, Dallas

Good morning, Dallas, and good morning, Insiders. There is a good omen for this trip: Our two-year wait is over. There is an ongoing international dispute as to when we last saw a Munters in the wild. Some argue April 18, 2016; others are vehement it was March 15, 2016. The only consensus ... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: January 25

Several abbreviated observations from Wednesday’s 2-1 overtime win at Calgary: -The broadcasters spoke with John Stevens prior to Wednesday’s game, and he was asked about indications early in games that the team was committed to playing the right type of emotionally involved hockey in the “hard a... Read More

January 24 postgame notes

-With the win, Los Angeles improved to 96-112-30 all-time against the Calgary franchise, a record that includes a road mark of 38-66-17. The Kings are 1-1-1 against the Flames this season with one game remaining, March 26 at Staples Center. -Los Angeles improved to 10-12-4 against the Western Con... Read More

January 24 scoring chances

Scoring chances from previous games: 10/11 Kings 18, Flames 10 10/14 Kings 15, Sabres 13 10/15 Kings 12, Islanders 16 10/18 Kings 17, Canadiens 11 10/21 Kings 19, Blue Jackets 18 10/23 Kings 15, Maple Leafs 24 10/24 Kings 20, Senators 24 10/26 Kings 14, Canadiens 22 10/28 Kings 16,... Read More