Good morning, Calgary - LA Kings Insider

Good morning, Calgary, and good morning, Insiders.

I’ve always enjoyed sharing non-hockey conversation topics in this column, but when losses in six of seven segue into a 6-2 loss to a non-playoff team, it’s not the right time to share movie reviews and go Munters hunting. (Admit it, the Munters are gone, Insiders. Boy, is this a bleak post.)

The team isn’t skating today, nor are we expecting media availability in advance of my chat with John Stevens on FOX Sports West this afternoon and his subsequent media scrum. This is a gut check time for the Kings, who will waste no time getting into a heated divisional game that one would hope would provoke a better collective execution than whatever was demonstrated on Tuesday night. Continue to talk about it amongst yourselves. I’m always reachable at jonnyrosen-at-gmail. Enjoy your morning, Insiders. WUWTK will follow in the next 90 minutes.