November 9 postgame quotes: Kopitar, Fantenberg - LA Kings Insider

Anze Kopitar, on first period challenges:
I think we actually had a pretty good start and then the wheels kind of came off for a little bit there. We gave up four quick ones. Against a team like that, you know you can’t outscore them because they have a lot of fire power. Obviously when you’re down 4-0, it’s a steep hill to climb, but we kind of stuck to it. I think we got our game back in the second and the third periods, but it was obviously too late.”

Kopitar, on what could be improved:
Well, obviously we’ll look at some video and address some things, but you can’t run-and-gun, especially not with a team like that. It’s certainly not our system, we just need to check a little bit better and not give them all of the opportunities that they had because [Jonathan] Quick made some really good stops. It could have been a lot higher than it actually was”

Kopitar, on whether Tampa Bay was faster live than what they had seen in video:
I mean, we just didn’t play very well. Whether that’s a result of them being fast, or just we didn’t have it, yeah, that first period seemed like we were a step behind all the time and that’s what happens. But you know, in the second when we really put our mind to it, obviously it was too late, but we were playing our game and it turned out to be successful. And we won the second period, but it was a little too late.

Oscar Fantenberg, on the biggest challenge in the game:
They’re a good team. Good speed on the fourth line. But we come in with a bad start. And it’s a big mountain to climb if you start up four nothing. We have to be better. We have to know how to handle it. It was tough, but we came to play better as a team too.

Fantenberg, on what led to the bad start:
I don’t know what exactly what it is. We just backed off, we gave them a little too much space too much time and they took it, the time and space that they got. We have to just be better on the forecheck and better on defensive zone coverage too.

Fantenberg, on his first NHL goal:

Obviously it was a dream come true. But I’d rather take the two points than a goal. It’s always nice to get a goal and start off there. Hopefully I get more coming up.

Fantenberg, on how he saw his goal develop:
I tried just to jump in the game. Tried to be as much involved as possible. And I got a pass from Brownie before and didn’t handle too well so had to give it back to him. So just tried to be behind the forward, let Brownie sneak around, and got the puck and it went in.