October 28 postgame quotes: Kopitar, Toffoli - LA Kings Insider

Anze Kopitar, on whether it’s really possible to draw up a play with one second remaining:
Well no. We wanted to have two right-shot guys over around where I was trying to win it. I mean, I don’t think you’re going to see a play like that anytime soon again. That’s the point where you just hope the play’s going to go like it did. It’s not going to happen again for a long time.

Kopitar, on what he was trying to do on the draw:
Swing as hard as I can and hope I catch the puck clean and that’s it.

Kopitar, on whether the road trip is representative of the vibe of the team:
Call it luck, call it good bounces, but at the end of the day I think we’re all working hard and we’re all trying to do the right thing and that’s why we’re getting bounces.

Tyler Toffoli, on whether the last play was drawn up and if so, how:
We just took the timeout and Jonny (John Stevens) said this is what we’re doing and try to get it back clean and I got it off as fast as I could.

Toffoli, on what he was looking for off the draw:
It was one of those things where Dewey (Drew Doughty) and I were right there so wherever the puck went we were both going to step into it. And it went right into my wheelhouse and I got all of it.

Toffoli, on what he liked most from his line with Pearson and Kempe:
I thought we just stuck with it. They’re a tough team to play against. They play a heavy game. They’re really good on their forecheck so we just had to move pucks fast and I thought when we were doing that we were getting some good opportunities and some chances.

Toffoli, on the commonality in the games on the road so far:
We just come into every game one at a time and I know it sounds pretty clichéd, but that’s kind of what we’ve been doing and we’ve been doing a really good job at it. So we’re just staying together and having fun and winning games right now.

Toffoli, on whether the last second felt like the longest second of his life:
Oh yeah, I came to the bench and I asked, because obviously we have the TVs on the bench there for the replay, and they said almost right away that it was going to be good. So it kind of took the wait out of it, but it was good. It was a huge two points for us tonight.

Toffoli, on whether he’s ever scored a goal similar to his game-winner tonight:
I have never seen anything like that so it’s the first time I’ve done that.

Toffoli, on things going well for the team so far this season:
I mean it’s really we’re doing a good job of staying together. In these tight games, we’re playing everybody and everybody’s getting a chance to kind of step up and contribute. And I think we’ve been doing a good job of guys coming in and doing that.

Toffoli, on Jonathan Quick’s performance:
He made that breakaway save there in overtime that kind of saved the game for us and then we went down and scored almost a minute right after that. Quickie’s been outstanding this whole trip so it’s not that surprising seeing what he did tonight.