Good evening, Shanghai - LA Kings Insider

A good evening to you from Shanghai, and a good morning (or day) to you, wherever you may be. After a 13 hour and 18 minute flight, the Kings touched down at Shanghai Pudong International Airport at 6:20 p.m. local time. Not all sites are available here in China – I am able to access LAKI, but Disqus won’t load on my computer – and I’m unable to embed the video clip from YouTube, but for a glimpse of our dusk touch down, click here.

The highlight of the flight? Flying over Japan, which contained a straight shot directly over Tokyo.

Earlier over Japan WOW!

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There’s a fascinating trip ahead, but right now it’s time to shower, eat dinner, and try and fall asleep to acclimate to the 15 hour time difference. Enjoy your Monday, Insiders – we didn’t catch much of it.