Black and White: Bob's final game; Pearson audio - LA Kings Insider

In helping to teach Southern Californians the game of hockey – one aspect of his diverse portfolio as a dean of National Hockey League broadcasting – Bob Miller was the narrator of 44 of the Los Angeles Kings’ 50 seasons in the NHL. As told in a Black and White episode that relies on testimony from Nick Nickson and Jim Fox, he did so without catch phrases or gimmickry that would dilute from his crystal clear call. Go into the trucks and broadcast booths at Staples Center and Honda Center, and learn about the legacy he left with his peers and admirers as the final two games of his illustrious career unfolded.

“When I went from playing [to broadcasting], I said to myself I will never, ever connect with someone else like I did with teammates. I did with Bob.”

“I watched him prepare. I watched him take so much pride in what he did, because he knew that the people watching, viewing, they wanted the best.”
-Jim Fox


BONUS AUDIO. Tanner Pearson joined The Power Play on SiriusXM earlier today: