Game 5 vs. San Diego postgame quotes: LoVerde, Brodzinski, Flinn - LA Kings Insider

Vincent LoVerde, on Zatkoff and Campbell’s injuries, and Flinn’s late start:
Yeah, Soup played last night obviously. He had a bit of a lingering injury. Obviously we saw Zats get hurt in warmups. I thought Flinner stepped in and did a great job. Couple of goals, just pucks deflecting off guys. There’s not much you can do on a lot of them. Soup came in, obviously he has something that’s bothering him and he came in and did a tremendous job battling throughout the game. Kudos to both those guys. It was a tough situation for both of them to step into and they did a great job.

LoVerde, on the feeling in the locker room before the game with the goalie situation:
Yeah, at the end of the day every team is going to face some adversity. The guys in the locker room battled. At the end of the day I’ll never fault one single guy in the locker room’s effort. I thought we played hard. Pucks didn’t go our way tonight. It’s unfortunate. A good group of guys in there.

LoVerde, on what it takes for players “to not be thrown off” by the goalie situation:
I don’t know. I mean, we go adversity throughout the year. We had various things going on throughout the year and ups and downs and it’s tough, it really is. But like I said before, I thought the guys did a great job battling. Their effort level was great. Everyone in the room battled until the very end. I would play another season with these guys, every single one of ’em is awesome.

Jonny Brodzinski, on Zatkoff and Campbell’s injuries, and Flinn’s late start:
Yeah, I don’t think a lot of guys knew about it until pretty much close to game time because I think he wanted to try it out and then pre-game meal I think he – I know he went out on the ice earlier in the morning and just wasn’t feeling very good. But we’re confident with any goalie that we go with so i think mindset didn’t change at all but yeah and then obviously Zats went down in warmups. That was kind of unexpected too but then I mean, right after that, too, we all got behind Flinner and it was just game on from there.

Brodzinski, on whether he saw Zatkoff’s injury occur:
He just pushed across I think and just kind of pulled something. I’m not 100% sure was it was. I think everybody else was just kind of, obviously it was in the back of our head but we were still trying to focus on the game and it’s kind of tough when what would be your starting goalie is down.

Brodzinski, on how the players got back to the game mindset with “everything else going on”:
I think we’ve faced so much adversity this year that, I mean, this was something that almost you’d expect from our team right now. Throughout the whole year I think that we’ve had a lot of guys hurt in a lot of crucial moments in this season and we’ve just battled through it the entire year and this was just another test for us.

Jack Flinn, on finding out he’d be starting the game so late:
Well there wasn’t a whole lot of time to think about it so I just focused on trying to stop pucks. [Reporter: Is that maybe for the best?] Yeah, yeah. I’m glad I didn’t have all day to dwell on it.

Flinn, on whether he saw Zatkoff get injured in warmups and what he was thinking:
Well I saw it happen and then I just prepared as if I’d known all along that I’d be playing.

Flinn, on whether he had “jitters” when the game started:
Yeah. Yeah I was nervous. But I felt good, I was loose, I had a good warmup and just tried my hardest.

Flinn, on the vibe in the locker room before the game:
It was good. It was loose. Things happened. We can’t control it. We just tried to keep it light and just go out there and stick to the plan and try to win the game.

Flinn, on the three quick San Diego goals, and how he handled it:
Well, just let it roll off your back. It happens. You can’t control it. Just focus on the next shot.

Kevin Gravel

#4 | 6′ 4″ | 200 lb | Age: 24

Born: DOB: 2/17/1996
Birthplace: KINGSFORD, MI
Position: D


Gravel made his NHL debut with Los Angeles in the 2015-16 season, skating with the Kings for four games before returning to AHL affiliate Ontario.

Rob Scuderi

#0 | 6′ 1″ | 212 lb | Age: 37

Born: DOB: 12/30/1978
Birthplace: SYOSSET, NY
Position: D
Handedness: Left


Scuderi is currently playing for the Reign while under contract with the LA Kings. He has won two Stanley Cups, once with the Pittsburgh Penguins and with the Kings.

Michael Mersch

#27 | 6′ 1″ | 225 lb | Age: 24

Born: DOB: 10/2/1992
Birthplace: PARK RIDGE, IL
Position: LW
Handedness: Left


Drafted by the Kings in 2011, Mersch is currently playing forward for the Reign. Last season, he drew into his first NHL game for the Kings, where he registered 2 shots and 3 hits.

Michael Latta

#24 | 6′ 0″ | 207 lb | Age: 25

Born: 5/25/1991
Birthplace: KITCHENER, ON
Position: F
Handedness: Right


Prior to turning professional, Latta played major junior hockey in the OHL with the Ottawa 67’s and Guelph Storm. He was drafted into the NHL in 2009 and joined the King’s affiliate Reign in 2016.

Adrian Kempe

#09 | 6′ 1″ | 187 lb | Age: 20

Born: 9/13/1996
Position: LW
Handedness: Left


Growing up in Swedan, Kempe made his hockey debut in 2014 in the Swedish Hockey League. He has since been drafted by the Kings, where he is playing for their AHL affiliate team, the Ontario Reign.

Brett Sutter

#07 | 6′ 0″ | 192 lb | Age: 29

Born: 6/2/1987
Birthplace: CALGARY, AB
Position: C


Drafted in 2005 by the Calgary Flames, Sutter was traded to the Reign in 2016. He is the son of LA Kings head couch Darryl Sutter, and the eighth member of the Sutter family to play in the NHL.