Quick coaching search update - LA Kings Insider

Hi! Many, many thanks for clicking on this article even though the gist of it was shared in the headline. There’s nothing major to report on the Kings’ search for their next head coach, and brief correspondence with hockey operations indicates that at this time it hasn’t widened beyond John Stevens, who is still at “the center of discussions,” according to a team source.

This represents no public change from six days ago, when Vice President / General Manager Rob Blake prioritized a thorough evaluation of Stevens and his styles and philosophies before deciding whether the search would expand to other candidates. It appears that thorough process of vetting and interviews is still taking place.

John Hoven also noted that management is taking a look at Jim Montgomery, who interviewed in Calgary last season, according to Elliotte Friedman, and just won a national title with Denver University. I checked in briefly on that this morning, and while his name was also mentioned off-hand, it appears any link between him and Los Angeles still appears to be more gossamer than concrete at this time. I would imagine the Kings may have kicked tires in that direction – is that even a saying? Can you kick tires in a direction? I suppose you can – but at this point nothing appears to be be settled or imminent. Friedman previously reported that the Kings’ next coach would have NHL head coaching experience.

More to come later in the week…