April 9 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On his reflections of a team that battled through challenges but did not make the playoffs:
We hung in there. I’ve said that lots. The bottom line is we didn’t score enough goals this year. I think we were, what were we, 25 goals off our last two years. Goal scoring, we just didn’t have enough in our lineup. You can say it – a lot of occasions. [Reporter: How do you change that next season, Darryl?] Well, I’m not really into next season yet. I mean, how do you change that? We lost a lot of goals out of our lineup last year. It’s not like we added a bunch. We put kids in our lineup, but they weren’t really looked on as goal scorers. There were a couple guys that didn’t work out, that’s for sure.

On whether he’s looking forward to next season, or whether it’s too soon to think of that:
We’ve got to get through our medicals with our guys and see where we’re at first, and go from there.

On whether he would’ve expected Derek Forbort to play 82 games at the outset of the season:
I think we had four or five guys who played 82 games. You want everybody who makes your team out of training camp to play 82 games, that’s for sure. He had a solid season. I don’t think it’s based on 82 games. He had a solid year. Guys who played with Drew, if you look at the last five or six years, we’ve had a lot of guys who played with Drew that look like they’re pretty good players.

On whether he thinks Jarome Iginla could play one more season:
You’d have to talk to Jarome. I’m thankful I got the month or so to work with him again.