April 8 postgame quotes: Kopitar, Doughty - LA Kings Insider

Anze Kopitar, on winning the last game at Staples in overtime:
Yeah, I thought obviously the emotions were a bit high it was just because it was Bob’s last home game and we wanted to get the win regardless, obviously. And I think we played a pretty solid game. Obviously giving up the, that’s not what you want to do, give up a goal with six minutes left but I guess we did it in a Kings fashion, to finish it off in OT.

Kopitar, on the game not meaning anything in terms of a playoff spot:
Yeah. We know that but it’s still, nobody wants to lose in this locker room. Losing certainly puts a sour taste in your mouth so to get this win was nice, for sure.

Kopitar, on whether he could hear the emotion in the crowd when they were cheering for Bob Miller:
They lift us pretty much every time when we’re down one late in the game. They try to be as loud, obviously as they can be and maybe tonight they give it just a little bit extra.

Kopitar, on whether he caught any of the Thank You videos playing for Bob during the breaks:
Yeah you don’t want to get caught staring but I took a peek here and there, yeah. [Reporter: Maybe that Gretzky guy caught your eye?] Yeah. I saw Vin was up there, too. So there was a couple big names up there obviously.

Kopitar, on whether this was one of their better wins at home this season:
Yeah. I think it was a solid game by our team. I think we played pretty well. I thought our penalty kill was pretty good. We didn’t take many penalties to begin with but it was good so we got the power play going and I guess the OT so that was the difference.

Drew Doughty, on the win:
…even though we’re really playing for nothing right now, we’re still playing for a lot of pride and we have a lot of pride playing for this organization. And obviously Bob has been a big part to the organization for a long time so to get a win for him and for the team and for the fans as well. It feels good.

Doughty, on his game-winning overtime goal:
Good play by everyone. We caused a turnover in the O-zone I think on a 2-on-2 rush. Turned it over, Kopi made a good patient sauce play and then I just had to beat my guy up ice and Jeff made the easy backhand pass so it was a great play. And that was a pretty cool matchup, those three guys against the other three guys so that’s six really top players in the league so it was a lot of fun.

Doughty, on the 2-on-1 he defended and the following blocked shot in the crease:
Yeah I didn’t have a lot of speed going backwards so I knew that his play was going to kind of be behind me so I just had to turn my body and try to get a stick on it or else Quickie would’ve had to come up with a big save and luckily I came up with the big stick stop and then after that me and Quickie are both right there to stop it.

Doughty, on whether this was one of their better wins at home this season:
Yeah I guess. That’s a good team in there and that was one of the things we talked about before the game. You know, we lost to Calgary and Edmonton so much lately but this team is a way better team than those two teams and we needed everyone in here to step up their game and play better in order for us to win and I thought everyone in here did that and that’s why we came out on top.