April 6 postgame quotes: Jarome Iginla - LA Kings Insider

On what Calgary did well to break the game open in the second period:
I mean, the second period … they got what they needed and got ahead and took control of the game. I mean, it’s a good break that they got coming out of the power play. I think we were going to clear it, and it went to their D-man coming out of the box and he was able to bury it. But besides that, we gave up a few too many of those breaks. They’re an explosive team, we know that. They had a few breakaways on Bish tonight, and it’s something that a good defensive team … and in the second period it got away.

On what he has picked up playing with and against Trevor Lewis:
He’s a very gritty, determined guy, and when you play against him, he’s hard to play against because he’s always competing and battling, and up close you see that, but he’s also a smart hockey player with some touch and can make plays to go with that grit and determination. When you play against him you know that he never gives up on any plays. Every night he always seems like he’s ready to work and compete and doesn’t let up in that area at all.

On what he’s looking for over the final two games:
It’s disappointing when you’re eliminated. That’s a tough part of it, but at the same time, once you get in the game, you want to win it. You get out there, you forget about all that other stuff, you just want to win the game and enjoy playing it and playing hard and playing it the right way. It’s our last home game. We’d like to go out in front of our fans on a good note and, like I said, once you get into it, you forget about that stuff and you just want to win the game.

On whether it’s harder to focus when the team is eliminated:
It is. It’s our job to be professionals and be focused, but it’s always a hard step when you’re actually eliminated because nobody’s giving up right until you’re actually out – nobody gives up. Each goal, each game means so much and it’s so exciting. It is tough when they don’t have that same importance in the standings, but at the same time, once you get into it, we know that there are young guys on the team and the older guys really want to play and be professional, and you get out there, it’s fun. You want to compete and you still want to enjoy it and you still want to win and you’re in front of your home crowd. It’s not excuses, but you still have to try to dial in and find ways to be sharp and not lose that focus. [Reporter: Because it does show that that little bit of sharpness goes away and you can fall flat.] Yeah, no, it’s a tough league and it’s very competitive, and the teams very close and that little edge, those little edges at different times make a big difference. It got away from us there in the second period, and they were sharper than we were. That’s something we know going into it, but we weren’t good enough there in the second period. I thought the third, we had some push back and the first was alright, but the second, that one spurt and all of a sudden and they’re up a few and Bish is having to make some really big saves.