April 2 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On not being able to bury the team’s power play chances:
But it’s tough chasing the lead. We had a really good first period and were able to forecheck and do a lot of good things. We took the penalty and got the challenge and then you want to get out of the period. Got caught backdoor there on that goal, and then the second period I thought we totally outplayed them. I think the chance they had, they scored. We had a lot of chances and couldn’t score.

On whether the “not scoring” is what the season has “come down to”:
No, I think there’s lots more involved, but I’m not talking about the season now. We’re still very much at evaluating some of our players. This is a division game tonight. We have division games three of the next four, and the only thing I’ll take out of the season is our division – we haven’t kept up in the division from a lot of different areas. The more of that, we’ll review.

On whether he’ll give more looks to young players, such as Jonny Brodzinski and Kevin Gravel:
I don’t want to talk about that – that’s something for the next game.

On knowing that there would be challenges from the beginning of the season:
Yeah. In some ways we were fortunate to still be in it, when you look at it, but in other ways, a lot of that X-and-O, and a lot of that data stuff, we were really good at. But I just think it’s the division that’s holding us back.