March 31 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On whether it’s a pleasure to watch Jarome Iginla reach personal accolades:
It was the game-winning goal. [Reporter: No surprise to you that he’s the one scoring that for you after all he’s done over the years?] I think I’ve answered Iggy questions since we got him. You guys know from being in Canada and covering him all the years the kind of player he is, and for him to come to us, it’s like I said, a lot of respect for him, and I know how great a player he is. Every goal he scores – I mean, you can ask that question all the time – every goal he scores, every point he gets, he goes right up there. As I said the last game we played, he’s one of those guys who deserves to win a Stanley Cup.

On Tyler Toffoli’s goal:
Yeah, breakout’s important. He went up and down. … It’s a big goal. Jonathan was much more involved. Two teams that don’t score much. You need your goalies to make a big save. Some are there and I think early in the game they probably had some good chances and he covered lots around the net and things like that. We hit that post in the first period, I think it was Marty. I was hoping that one goes in.

On the team “still breathing” in the playoff hunt:
Yeah, I am. I have a really slow pulse. My resting heart rate is phenomenal. [Reporter: Your hockey club’s still alive, coach, here, too, as well-] Yeah, we are. That’s true. Yeah. [Reporter: It’s not over ‘til it’s over. I could keep clichéing you all the time.] I’ve said it all year. I said it in day one, I said it after the first period of the first game we played this year. When our goalie went down then we were going to have to just try and stay in the race, so it’s all we can do.