March 25 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On getting off to a good start early but falling 3-0 to the Rangers:
It was a pretty evenly played game. We missed some chances five-on-five that were wide open chances. They scored on a race to a puck. Get to score the five-on-five goals. Difference in the game, right? Five-on-five.

On Jonny Brodzinski’s debut:
I’d like to see him score on the breakaway and so would he. Would’ve made it 1-0. [Reporter: He said he thought that was a big moment.] Yeah, it would’ve been a big moment.

On whether teams are keying in on Jeff Carter:
I thought that line had a hell of a game. I think that five-on-five, they were the one line that gave us a lot of possession, zone, shoot, go to the net, all of that. [Reporter: Second period, especially, it seemed like they had a lot of-] Hey, Jeff’s line? [Reporter: Yes.] I thought they were pretty good the whole game. You know what? We’re playing a team that’s one-through-four lines a pretty deep team. They’ve given up about 80 goals all year, whatever it is, on the road, which is why they’re such a really good hockey club. That certainly wasn’t the case tonight about somebody playing against Jeff. It certainly was not.