March 20 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On what was lacking from the team’s performances against Calgary and Edmonton:
Well, we played better tonight than we did last night, so I don’t think one applies much to the other one. I think last night we were a slow start team, for whatever reason, and tonight I thought we turned the puck over once on the McDavid line, and kind of got a bad break, I think, on their power play goal. I think we jumped there. You score the first goal, it makes a difference, for sure.

On Jarome Iginla fighting Patrick Maroon to rally the team early in the second period:
He’s an inspiring player. I don’t get too deep into it – he’s 39 years old. If he doesn’t inspire teammates or fans of Jarome – that makes you feel good. Not just the fight, just that he’s still got that professionalism and that attitude about him. [Reporter: He was good tonight. He was one of your more effective-] I think back-topback, hey, you need four lines and six defensemen. It doesn’t matter which team you are when you play back-to-backs. He carried his weight, that’s for sure.

On the team’s playoff chances being “not good”:
I think we’ve been in that for quite a while, though, [reporter]. You know what? I’ve said it. I knew coming into this season that our division – I said it last summer. Our division was instantly better when Calgary made their goaltending changes and the evolution of this team here and the size they’ve added and the mix they have. San Jose’s the defending conference champion. I knew it was going to be tough for us, and it certainly proved that.