March 14 postgame quotes: Arizona - LA Kings Insider

Dave Tippett, on the decision to put Anthony DeAngelo on the ice for the shootout:
We were looking for the dark-horse guy and I like Adrian, I thought about Adrian quite a few times there so it was an entertaining game. A tight game, back and forth a little bit, they put a little push on in the second period and we pushed back a little bit and then we got the fortunate goal at the end off what I thought was a tough call on Murphy but it was an entertaining game. We’ll just take the points and move on.

Tippett, on a “big test” for Louis Domingue:
Yeah, he did very well. In the game and in the shootout. Obviously one of that many shooters is real strong and he was strong in net, strong for the game. Real good outing by him.

Tippett, on Domi’s two goals:
I was telling him on the bench after he scored the second one, these breakaways he’s got too much time to think. He’s got to stand beside the net, they’re a lot easier.

Tippett, on what the Coyotes told their coach about themselves:
The whole group, they continue to work hard. They want to play with pride and they know that, 14 games left now, and they want to play with pride, play hard every night. That’s what we’re getting. You look at our last string of games here have been really strong. Come in in tough situations like this and play well, that’s a feather in their cap. Two parts of it to me is real good leadership from our veteran players and our young players continue to grow so it’s a good mix right now.

Tippett, on his strategy for the shootout:
I was looking down at Smitty. I was telling Smitty, ‘Give me your suggestions.’ But no, you just kind of, little bit of a feel.

Tippett, on whether that was the longest shootout he’s ever been a part of:
I don’t know. I can’t even remember. Probably close. What was it, seven or eight? [Reporter: This was eleven.] Eleven? Probably the longest, yeah. We were getting a little thin there, I know that.

Tippett, on a young team that “doesn’t show any quit”:
Yeah, we’ve got some young guys, like I thought Perlini was really good tonight. Crouse was really good tonight. Chychrun was really good tonight. Getting into a game like this against a desperate team, they want to play well. They want to have an impact in the game. That speaks well moving forward. They’re good young players and they’re just going to continue to get better.

Max Domi, on his two goals:
Yeah, that’s usually how this game works to be honest. That’s what makes it so fun, is sometimes you get chances and they don’t go in and other times you get a couple chances and both of ’em go in so we’ll take it. That was a huge win for us tonight and it was great to see Louis put that performance on in the shootout. It was well deserved, he played an unbelievable game so huge two points and we’ve just got to keep building.

Domi, on Domingue keeping the team in it late:
Yeah, oh yeah. It wasn’t just the shootout. I mean, in the third period he made some huge saves and the penalty kill was outstanding. So we’ve just got to find a way to take that and build our confidence and then just keep growing as a team.

Domi, on whether the Kings’ playoff desperation “rubbed off” on the Coyotes:
Yeah I think from here on out that’s what we’re going to see quite a bit, is a lot of the teams we’re going up against are great hockey teams that are trying to put themselves in a playoff spot or climbing the standings, either works. So it’s a good test for us and a great way to try and finish on a positive note.

Domi, on whether the Coyotes are a team that play “without quit”:
Yeah, yeah for sure. I think that’s a great sign for us moving forward is a lot of character in this locker room and every guy holds another accountable and it starts with our leadership group. We all look up to those guys and just follow suit so a testament to the leadership we have here and it goes a long way.

Domi, on whether that’s the longest shootout he’s been a part of:
Yeah, honestly I think so. Maybe a couple in junior that were close but that was pretty cool. It was a big one.

Domi, on the mood on the bench during the shootout:
Just hope the next goes one in I guess. I mean, Louis was hot there so we had a feeling that it was going to eventually go our way, so. Tony DeAngelo is pretty clutch when it comes to that kind of stuff and I thought he was great tonight so it was nice to see him get the winner.

Anthony DeAngelo, on his game-winning shootout goal:
Somebody had to win it so I’ll take it.

DeAngelo, on “what was in his bag of tricks”:
No I knew what I was going to do the whole way. Kind of was watching the way he was going on some shots there so I tried to figure maybe move him left to right and it worked.

DeAngelo, on beating a team that’s fighting for a playoff spot:
Yeah this was a big game for them so it’s a good test for us and kind of helps us grow as a team. So it’s good experience and it was nice to get a win. [Reporter: This team doesn’t roll over, does it?] No. No reason for us to.

DeAngelo, on whether he was waiting for his name to be called in the shootout:
Well, we were getting pretty deep so I guess everybody was starting to expect it but no. I was just, whatever they called was fine with me.