More quotes from today's practice: Stevens, Doughty - LA Kings Insider

Stevens, on whether Washington will serve as a good “test” on Saturday:
Well, if you look at Washington, Minnesota, some of those teams, they’re the top offensive producers in the league and they’re the top defensive teams in the league. They’re far away out in front now with the goals against, and they do it last year, and they’re doing it again this year. They don’t just create offense from run and gun, they’re a very sound defensive team and really solid at all positions. They’re a committed checking team that gets the puck back in a hurry the other way. They’ll be a good challenge for us tomorrow.

Drew Doughty, on what makes the Capitals a good team:
Yeah, they’re good at everything, basically. I think they’re obviously one of the best teams in the league this year. They added a little firepower here at the trade deadline so yeah, they’re good at everything. We need to play good defensive hockey to beat them and if we try to get in to their style of game which is the rush game and give them chances back and forth then we’re going to lose.

Doughty, on whether he “gets up” for games against Washington:
I don’t think so. Yeah, I get up for games against Washington, obviously because I’m playing against Ovechkin and Backstrom and guys like that, but my type of game I like to play is against the Western teams like San Jose or Anaheim with the big, strong, physical games.

Doughty, on a “pretty good on-ice rivalry with Ovechkin”:
We obviously respect each other as players but when it comes down to it we both have a big desire to not lose and we’ll do whatever it takes to win and I’m going to run him and he’s going to run me. That’s just the way it is.

Doughty, on the possibility that the NHL does not go to the Olympics:
Yeah, it would be nice to know whether it’s going to happen. Obviously I always want to represent my country and playing in the Olympics is very special, but with them adding the World Cup and the Olympics it’s a lot of hockey. They’re expecting their top guys in the league to play a lot of hockey.