March 9 postgame quotes: Nashville - LA Kings Insider

Peter Laviolette, on what happened in the too many men penalty in overtime:
Too many men. Bad change.

Laviolette, on the Kings scoring three goals on three power plays:
Needs to be better.

Laviolette, on whether the Predators “deserved” more than just one point:
I mean, our guys played hard today. That first period we were under a little bit of siege. The second and third period I thought we were real good. It gets to the 4-on-3 in overtime and it’s the game.

Laviolette, on the game-winning goal:
Well, again, it was a power play. You know, we’ve just got to do a better job on the penalty kill.

Laviolette, on Rinne keeping the Predators in the game:
Early in the first, yeah. He was real good in the first. He was good all game. The goals that they got, there was somebody in front all alone. The last one, you know, he played the original shot and the rebound goes right back on his stick so tough play.

Mike Fisher, on whether the Predators “deserved” more than just one point:
I mean, we started a little bit slow honestly and then I thought we got a little bit better towards the end of the game but overall, I mean, I feel like we can play better. We’ve got to find a way to win and we had the lead in the third and then we kind of make a mistake there in overtime. Overall I just feel like we’ve got to — Pekka played unbelievable for us — yeah but we had our chances, too. It’s one of those games where we’ve got to find a way.

Fisher, on the too many men penalty in overtime:
Yeah we know we got to do. Be better, smarter, kind of manage the game and when the game’s on the line, it’s not intentional but I think we’ve just got to be better.

Fisher, on what needs to change to get the second point:
Well I think we can be better in the third. Just shut it down and we can’t be just relying on our goalie all the time, too. We’ve got to find ways. We came out pretty strong I thought in the third but we’ve just got to, overall, throughout the game we can be better.

Roman Josi, on whether the Predators “deserved” more than just one point:
Yeah maybe. But we’re giving points away right now and the last couple games, yeah. Just bad decisions on our part and we’re just giving points away.

Josi, on the too many men penalty in overtime:
Well, PK came to the bench and I jumped on the ice and then the puck came to me and he wasn’t off yet so I should’ve just waited and wait ’til PK is on the bench and then go out there.

Josi, on Rinne’s performance:
He was great. He was great all game. He was great in Anaheim. I mean, without him in Anaheim we wouldn’t have had a point so he was great tonight, too. We’ve got to make sure we help him out a little better and then, I mean, defend better in front of his net. We can’t rely on him like that all the time.

Josi, on what needs to change to get the extra point:
Just being better in those crucial moments and then attacking games for sixty minutes. I mean, we got the lead in the third and we just somehow have to hold on to that lead and keep playing and try to find that next goal and yeah, we didn’t do that.