February 28 postgame quotes: Bishop, Pearson - LA Kings Insider

Ben Bishop, on the overtime goal scored by Brodie:
You know I thought I was with him. I came down and he pump-faked and I didn’t really bite and he took it to his backhand and I thought I was with him the whole time so whatever. We know we obviously wanted two points but we’ll take one.

Bishop, on his first start with the Kings:
Yeah, no, it’s a good team. Obviously a veteran team. A lot of talk out there, everybody knows what they’re doing so I’m excited here moving forward. Watching these games, you know, from a distance and now the last couple of games being around it you can see why these guys have been so successful so we’re just chasing here. Get as many points as we can and obviously take advantage of being at home and get in those playoffs, you never know what can happen.

Bishop, on whether he was surprised by the trade:
You know, obviously I wouldn’t say surprised but you never really expect it until it happens. You just don’t try to change anything. Obviously there’s going to be a little adjustment period as far as feeling it out with the new guys and the trainers and everything like that and you get the routine down. But like i said, it’s a great group of guys in there and I’m just looking forward to keep playing.

Bishop, on whether most of his stuff is still in Tampa Bay:
Most of it, yeah. [Reporter: Will you use this home stand to move in?] No, you know, my fiancée’s back there so she’s gonna have some packing to do and they didn’t give me much time. I had about an hour and a half to get everything together but I’m excited. You know, obviously a great team. Great group of guys and I’m just really looking forward to this opportunity.

Bishop, on his relationship with Jonathan Quick:
Yeah well I think coming in here with Quickie, obviously with him being hurt and maybe a little insurance and just two older guys and we just want to win. Obviously, you know, we’re both going to get our chances to play and we both just want to get points. I think when you have two older guys it’s not really that tough of a competition, we’re just here to win and looking forward to working with him. Obviously he’s one of the best in the world so what’s not to like about having him as a partner.

Bishop, on the importance of coming away with at least a point:
Yeah, you know, obviously both nights losing in overtime it’s tough but anytime you can get two points in two road games, it’s usually the way it works. You want to get as many points as you do road games and we got two in two and now we go home for a long one and obviously we have to take advantage of being home.

Bishop, on the rotation between him and Quick:
Yeah, I mean, I don’t know. I think we’ll just have to kind of wait and see how it goes. Obviously he’s coming off here to so we’ll see how he feels and, you know, we both want to play well and whoever’s in there we just want to support him and get as many points as we can.

Bishop, on the smaller adjustments that need to be made when playing on a new team:
First you’ve got to learn everybody’s name. That helps when you’re out on the ice and just learning terminology and talking with each other and it’ll just take a little bit of time. Obviously, like I said, this is a good group in there and they’re veteran and I like to talk a lot which helps me and, you know, like I said I’m just looking forward to it.

Bishop, on being traded from a team out of the playoff spots to a team in the race:
It doesn’t change anything. You know, you just go out there and you try to win every night. It doesn’t matter what scenario, you don’t change the way you play just because of where you are. You want to win every night and I think that’s what the good teams do. Just stay consistent in the way they play so obviously we had two chances the last two games to come away with two wins and obviously losing, 3-on-3 is kind of a crapshoot and we’ll just kind of go home and regroup.

Tanner Pearson, on getting two points in back-to-back road games:
Yeah I think tonight’s game was a pretty big game, trying to catch those last two spots. Obviously we gave up one for sure going to the extra time and then gave up another one so not the way we kind of wanted to go. Yeah we got two points on this road trip out of two games but the teams we need to catch are still winning, too.

Pearson, on whether he was nervous that his goal would be overturned:
No I think, I don’t think the ref saw it go in in the first place and then it was a good goal and I think he even told our coach that he had no pushing on the goalie so the second replay didn’t really cross my mind so they just kind of killed another three minutes, four minutes type of thing.

Pearson, on going home to play seven games:
Yeah I think, you know, our next road game is back here so we’ve got seven games at home to take care of and just got to play one at a time.

Pearson, on whether the Kings have momentum going home:
Yeah, I think obviously you want to win. It’s tough, you know, with what’s going on and getting Bish it gives us, we’ve got two great goalies back there so they’re for sure going to do their thing every night but we’ve got to do our thing to help them out.

Pearson, on Bishop’s puck handling abilities:
It was like a third D-man on the ice back there the way, you know, I took a pass from him in warm-up and he passes just as hard as the guys do so he knows what he’s doing with the puck, for sure.

Pearson, on what he’s noticed about the goaltender two games in:
There’s not a lot of room to shoot on him, that’s for sure. He’s definitely a big guy back there. He’s very vocal. He was a leader on his old team and he’s going to be a good fit for us, too.

Pearson, on whether Bishop knows his name yet:
I think so. [laughs] He calls me by my nickname so that’s good.