February 27 postgame quotes: Shore, Muzzin - LA Kings Insider

Nick Shore, on getting a point against Minnesota:
Well, we need all the points we can get right now so you’ve got to come in to these games and get two. You know, we had the chance late but we’ve got to be a little bit better tomorrow.

Shore, on the Kings scoring four even-strength goals:
Well I mean, it doesn’t really matter if you score four if you give up five. I think we had a couple of breakdowns. Quickie, you know, he made a bunch of huge saves for us tonight. So we’re just going to have to go get after it tomorrow.

Shore, on whether scoring is more of a problem than defense for the Kings:
I think if we’d won 1-0 we’d take that, too. I don’t think it really matters how you win games at this point in the year. It’s just if you’re winning so we need to do a better job in front of him. I think he played well. He had a lot of big saves for us.

Shore, on what his line was doing well:
I think it was an effort from everybody. We’ve got to get pucks to the net and you know, we needed one more tonight.

Jake Muzzin, on whether it’s a “good point or a bad point”:
A point’s a point right now but, you know, we’ve got to tighten up some things if we want to make two points. Low coverage, cycle game, we gave a lot of pucks back that we had. Allowed them to create time in our zone and create chances so just got to clean up some of the low plays that we made and win some games that way.

Muzzin, on the overtime loss and it’s effect on the importance of tomorrow’s game:
Tomorrow’s huge no matter what. Win tonight, still huge. Lose tonight, still huge. One point, two points, it’s still huge. It’s a must win game for us.

Muzzin, on Brown taking a big hit in the third period:
Oh I mean, he’s obviously a character guy. Leader in this room. He’s been through a lot physically, mentally. He’s a big leader for us and that’s nothing new there, seeing him get bumped and come back.