February 27 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On the overtime loss:
Yeah, I think we got the start we wanted. We’ve had trouble scoring that first goal on the road and scoring five-on-five goals. We had a good first period. The second period, they started winning some draws and we had a penalty kill early in the second and we were able to get through it. In the third it was Gabby and that line scored a big goal for us. Overtime, faceoff goal. Faceoffs were an issue for us tonight.

On the assertion that the players turned the puck over too many times:
It’s a really good hockey club we’re playing. I wouldn’t say that. The players take a lot of pride in it, but it’s the way it goes. You score four goals, usually when you give up five, it’s pretty much a whitewash, so I give our team credit for getting a point.

On whether the team has “turned a corner offensively” with eight goals in the last two games:
If we’d have won the last two, I’d say that. It doesn’t matter. You can still say what you want, it’s in that three-goal range. I’m sure Quickie would – you know, it wasn’t supposed to be Quickie’s start. It’s just the way it worked yesterday. It’s a tough turnaround for him after an emotional first game for him.

On whether the team will use a “rotation” in net:
I’m not getting into that. It’s not baseball. Hey, we’ve got to make sure that guy who’s played two in a row is getting his proper rest and taking care of his body.