February 24 practice quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On whether dominating a game but not scoring is fixable, and whether it’s related to effort:
It’s not an effort situation with us, that’s for sure. It’s funny where all that analytics stuff went to that everybody was on so much because we’re still in total control of that, but the bottom line is, the most important stat is, for and against goals, and even strength in probably the last 10 games we are scoring at just under a two-goal clip, and you’re going to have trouble winning games. You’re going to win one, lose one, or say ‘we should’ve deserved that.’ The bottom line is, you’ve got to finish [some scoring chances] late in the second period last night. We had really good control and a lot of zone time and near-misses or saves that you’ve got to get through there. You’ve got to get one more in there somehow.

On whether the team will be able to respond and solidify its position in the playoff race:
Sure. We’re still, what, 14 and eight or 13 and eight home and road? So, absolutely a lot of division games. That’s not a ‘belief’ thing. That’s not an issue with our group at all. The bottom line is it’s not an excuse, but you’ve got a lot of inexperienced players for this situation when you look at it, so you need your top end. Our top end is also our leadership group, when you look at it with our team, so those are the guys that have just kind of got to row it. [Reporter: They’ve got to be there.] Yeah.

On Jonathan Quick:
Getting better every day. When you watch him, I think he’s more game-situation ready. You get to know him so well with the way he plays in the net that you recognize where he’s sharp at areas that only he can do. [Reporter: Seeing through traffic is something that he always seemed to be good at.] The issue clearly is he hasn’t played a game in what, five months, whatever that would be. It’s around there. So that’s clearly an issue. [Reporter: Darryl, has it been discussed to have him in Ontario for a game or two or a weekend?] No. When he’s ready to play, he’ll be ready to play. It’d be different if we were way up or way out. It’s be different. But when he’s 100% ready, then he’s ready to play. [Reporter: What kind of spark does he give the team emotionally when they know he’s back there. We know what happened in three playoff runs.] We’ve had him with us and we’ve not had him with us, and now he’s one of the captains on our team, so obviously that’s important. I think not having him and Greener in the locker room is obviously a big void for our hockey club.

-Several quotes have been withheld for a story later this afternoon on pulling goaltenders.