February 23 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On the loss to Boston:
Can’t chase the lead. Early goal, just a constant theme. Chase the lead. Need some production out of the top end of your lineup to overcome that.

On whether the Kings were not “ready” to start periods, given the early goals against:
No, I don’t think so. That has really nothing to do with it. The first goal was a play around the boards that hits the Zamboni corner and ends up being an odd-man rush against the Kopi line and Muzz and Kevin. Odd-man rush against top players. If you just think about how many we had, they had tonight, and they scored on one. I don’t know if we had any at all in the odd-man part of it. That second goal is a bad goal. Need a save. It just goes in the middle of the net.

On Anton Khudobin not having played much this season:
Neither has ours. Neither has our back-up goalie played very much.

On registering only three shots in the third period:
Chase the lead. Put the puck in. All they were doing is banging it out, banging it in. It’s tough to get any zone time. As I said, that has really nothing to do with it. It’s very difficult to chase the lead.

On the successful off-side challenge:
I knew the puck was out. That’s obviously why we challenged it. You could see the puck was out obviously in the fast time like that on the line across there, and you couldn’t tell where the Bruins’ skates were, but once we’d seen it, it was clear it was off-sides.

On whether there’s any one thing that concerns him above everything else:
Yep. Production from the top end. Absolutely, 100%.

On whether the general manager will add pieces at the trade deadline:
Anything to do with any of that stuff, you’ve got to talk to management. It’s not something that coaches control. It’s not a question to answer.