February 23 morning skate quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On any Bruins’ evolution under Bruce Cassidy, given their raised scoring rate and chances:
Their special teams are still very good, which they were before. Their goals-against is still very good, which it was before. Their shots for is very good, which it was before. Their shots against is very good, which it was before. They’re a very similar team to the Los Angeles Kings. I don’t see a big difference. [Reporter: It’s a team with very good possession rates. Is it similar to the Kings in that they also do a good job of-] It’s what I just said. They’re a lot alike, yeah, it’s true.

On Jordan Nolan:
Yeah, he’s getting closer. He’s better today. Obviously yesterday they were off. Get a full practice tomorrow and go from there. He’s an IR player.

On Paul LaDue:
Paul LaDue’s fine. He’s an active player, he’s on the roster, isn’t he? Active player.

On managing practice and what he strives to accomplish at this time of the season:
Just reinforcing small details from prior games, or if you see a history of reoccurring things – good things, bad things – both ways. A lot of it now is reinforcement of the individual performance more than anything. We’re not a systems-related team that has trouble with that. We’re really fundamentally sound in those areas. I think it’s just you’re trying to get somebody to get to where there’s a little bit more space or use a little bit more ice or close a gap a little differently so there’s real trust between your [inaudible] defensemen and your forward or a centerman or a winger, those sort of things.