February 18 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On what he was looking at on a scoresheet:
Oh, just a player I was thinking about.

On whether this was one of the better performances in a losing effort this season:
Well, we chased the lead again. Battled back, played hard. The goal to start the third’s tough.

On needing to “get over that hump” of playing hard after falling behind:
Well, you don’t want to be doing that all the time. It doesn’t work very well in this league. It’s nice to come back and tie the game, but then it’s not a great goal to start the third period.

On the performances of the role players and Nick Shore:
Yeah, I thought Shoresy and Kinger and Lewie and Cliffy did a good job for us. I think we were a little short with a couple of our forwards, though. Needed to shorten the bench a little too much. [Reporter: Is that why you shuffled the lines around a little bit there?] Well, it did work. It did work. We were down 2-0 when we did it. Moved Adrian to center and flipped Ty and Brown, so it’s really all we did, and then a couple guys didn’t play much.

On Tanner Pearson, and the chemistry he’s building with Jeff Carter:
Yeah, Tanner’s playing really well. He was really good the other night, too.