February 1 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On Jordan Nolan’s condition:
He’s in the tub. Did you check on him? Why don’t you ask about the game?

On scoring on the first shift, and the progression of the game:
We scored a goal on the first shift, and that’s really important to have a good start. Drew a penalty, Carts scored a power play goal, Carts scored another goal, so that’s what I saw.

On what Dustin Brown has improved this season:
I think he’s kind of focusing on himself and not carrying a lot of extra weight on his shoulders. Need to watch how we use him, things like that. We want him to be a plus player and a good checker and get around the net and be a good net presence for our club.

On Peter Budaj’s sixth shutout:
I think that was a legitimate shutout tonight. Some of them have been probably where there’s not many shots or many scoring chances against, but I think our penalty killing tonight – and always that is a big part of it is your goaltending – but I think he made some big saves tonight for us. I;m just trying to think – those two in the second period, the power plays they had, I think he made some really good saves for us.

On his Super Bowl pick:
Jeez, I was hoping all four of those teams that played last week would win the Super Bowl. Probably New England.