All-star postgame quotes: Doughty, Carter - LA Kings Insider

Drew Doughty, on his favorite part of the All-star weekend experience:
I had a lot of favorite parts. Obviously meeting some of the guys you play against that you don’t know too well, that’s always a fun part but for me, probably the most fun I had was meeting some of those top 100 players. I got to meet guys like Nick Lidstrom and Paul Coffey and stuff like that so that was pretty cool for me.

Doughty, on being greeted by the 100 best NHL players during the pre-game introductions:
Yeah it was really cool. Just kind of wished you could have talked to them for a little bit longer. We basically just went down the line and fist bumped them but it would’ve been nice to pick some of their brains and see why they were so successful.

Doughty, on his friend Wayne Simmonds being named MVP:
Oh he got MVP? [Reporter: Yeah did you talk to him yet?] No not yet. [Reporter: He’s picking up dinner next.] Yeah he definitely is. We’re going to Philly in like a week here so he’ll be picking up dinner that’s for sure.

Doughty, on what it was like to be a hometown player in the All-star game:
It was a lot of fun. The crowd was behind me and Carts the whole time like they always are but to have the fans on your side felt pretty special and I thought the Kings organization and the NHL did a great job of doing this event and it was fun for the fans and the players.

Doughty, on what it means for the Kings organization to the host the All-star event:
It means a lot. We’ve been around for, I think we’re having our 50th anniversary this year so for them to have that along with the 100-year anniversary for the NHL is really special for them and I know that they really wanted this. They’ve been talking about it for years. I thought they did a great job and everyone had fun.

Doughty, on whether he and Carter said anything to Pavelski about strategy before the game:
Oh no, we didn’t say much. Just find each other and we tried to play pretty good defense to but easy to play with, both guys. Joe’s a really smart player and easy to read and obviously I know Carts really well so we’re a good threesome there.

Doughty, on whether he acted as a host through the weekend:
Yeah, everyone was and I used to be kind of dialed in back in the day but I kind of lost all my contacts and stuff like that so I kind of disappointed a lot people I think. [Reporter: Did they not like your recommendations?] No they liked them, I just didn’t know where to send them so I was basically asking other people like, ‘I don’t know where to go where should I tell these people?’ So that’s how it kind of got figured out.

Doughty, on talking to Lidstrom before the game:
Just that he was an idol of mine for a long time and I loved watching him play and it was just an honor to meet him and yeah that was special for me. [Reporter: Was that the first time you’ve met him?] Yeah. I met him one other time when I went with Don Cherry for a Stanley Cup Final thing before I was drafted and that was just like a quick thing and he would have no idea who I was then so I decided to back up to him and talk to him again.

Doughty, on Simmonds’ game-winning goal:
Yeah, well I thought Pavs was going to get the puck so I kind of just let Simmer go by me and I was going to try to go the other way and then he had one step on me faster than me so I was screwed.

Doughty, on facing Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin on the same line:
Yeah we shut them down. I don’t think they scored against us so they were easy to play against. [Reporter: Did you have a game plan going in to it on how to stop them?] No. The Pacific I would say is probably the most defensive division in the league so we’re good at that stuff.

Jeff Carter, on the whole All-star weekend experience:
It was a lot of fun. The weekend kind of flies by, there’s a lot going on and what not but when you’re out on the ice and hanging out in the room and stuff it’s a lot of fun just to get to know the guys and to be on the ice with that much talent so it was a good weekend.

Carter, on being greeted by the 100 best NHL players during the pre-game introductions:
Yeah, really cool. Yeah going down the line you see a lot of faces that you used to watch and you’ve seen old clips of and some guys that you’ve played with and played against so it was a cool experience. Definitely memorable.

Carter, on being able to share the weekend with his family at home in Los Angeles:
It was good. It makes it a little easier being in your home city but they were here both days and we got to take in a little bit of everything so it was a good weekend for them, too.

Carter, on what it was like to be a hometown player in the All-star game:
It was great. We got a real nice ovation both days and it was good to see the fans here have something like this and get out and see the talent in the league and stuff like that. It’s not too often that you get to do that.

Carter, on seeing other players experience a home town All-star game and now experiencing it for himself:
Yeah I guess I’ve never really thought about it but it’s definitely a cool experience. I know how hard the Kings work and all the effort they put in to everything they do here so it’s nice to see them get recognized and be able to host one and good for the fans to see it, too.