January 26 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On winning the final game before the All-Star Break:
Both teams – similar to the game out there, the 3-1 game that they scored a shorty and a breakaway goal, and we had some shorthanded great opportunities tonight, and our penalty was really good.

On Carolina being shut out for the first time this season:
I wouldn’t be aware of that. [Reporter: But what did you guys do so well defensively?] Two good defensive teams and two good checking teams. I don’t think we did anything special that we don’t do any other night.

On whether it helps being a more veteran team in low-scoring, tight road games:
I think that our young defensemen – McNabb and Forbort and Gravel are three pretty young guys on the back end. You need your goaltender to make some saves. That, at the end of the day, is the difference in most games or just about every game. Big saves and bad goals.

On a Drew Doughty assertion that the team had been outplayed for the first two periods:
Yeah, I didn’t feel that. I think when you’re finishing a trip you need four lines, six defensemen, you need your goalie to not be great, just study the play down. I think Drew’s probably not giving himself enough credit because he was a pretty good player tonight.

On any different mentality for the fourth game in six nights:
I think we do that a lot, Jon. It’s not really anything new. [Reporter: But is there any sort of different checklist or focus when you have that type of a four-in-six game, especially on the road against a team that’s played so well at home?] Four in six is four in six on the road. It’s difficult. I mean, you look tired. [Reporter: I haven’t slept well on this trip.] You’ve been with family having fun.

On whether Peter Budaj has surprised him this season:
Peter’s played as well as he can, and the further we go into it, we need two goalies. We need two goalies with good records.

On his plans for the All-Star Break:
I’m going to enjoy cheering Drew and Jeff on.