January 24 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On whether the win was representative of having everybody involved:
It was very close to the game we played last night. You play three in four nights, generally every game would be well represented by everybody involved.

On dominating in the first period after having struggled in first periods recently:
We dominated the first period last night, too. We played well against the Islanders in the first period, too. I think we killed the five-on-three and your goalie has to come up with some saves during that, so it was important.

On the importance of getting production from Anze Kopitar:
You know, other than the goal scoring, I’ve got no problem with Kopi’s game. He’s one of the best players in the league. He’s on that level with Toews and Bergeron, guys like that. We’re just trying to get his shots up and his percentages up. Other than that, he’s missed about five or six games this year. Other than his goals being off, he’s an awesome player. I’ve got no problem with Kopi ever.

On Jordan Nolan, Andy Andreoff, Kyle Clifford and role players:
Well, I thought Cliffy was a really good player tonight. I think Jordan and his line are coming off being scored on twice last night. I think Cliffy has done a really good job for us.

On passing Jacques Lemaire on the all-time wins list:
He was a good player and a good coach, wasn’t he?

On the importance of limiting New Jersey to three goals on the five-on-three:
I think it was really important. It’s really important. It was almost a full two-minute. It doesn’t happen very often. I think that Jeff and Drew and the defensemen changed on the left side a couple times there, but between Peter and those guys, they did a good job. They might only give up three, but usually in a five-on-three, they only need one.

On Peter Budaj:
Well, I’m glad Peter got a win under his belt. It’s been a while. He played really well tonight, and he’s been struggling. Our goaltending’s been an issue for us, so it was good to see him bounce back.

On the recent rain in Los Angeles:
I’ve got three or four leaks in my basement. We had guys in there today. I was just showing the coaches after the game. The last 10 minutes of the game, I was thinking more about my wife emptied those rain pails that are in my basement, and that’s a true story.