January 23 postgame quotes: Pearson, Nolan - LA Kings Insider

Tanner Pearson, on whether it came down to not scoring the first goal:
Yeah. I think that’s one of things, you know, when you look at it and when we score the first goal we carry that momentum and then it works out for us. It’s hard to battle back in this league and when you’re battling back the whole game you don’t give yourself good chances.

Pearson, on the team’s inability to come back quickly from one-goal deficits:
I think it’s just such a repetitive thing right now being down one or going into the 2nd and you’re just chasing the game. It’s frustrating and so we’ve got to get that one and go from there.

Pearson, on Lundqvist’s performance:
Yeah he made some big saves. But we’ve got to — when the pucks are there we’ve got to find ways to put them in. Not really worried about him.

Pearson, on what the Kings need to change to start “stringing some wins together”:
I think we have good game plans going in to each game and when we execute them we’re a good team and when we don’t we can be sloppy at times and then turning pucks over and they cost us some goals at moments.

Pearson, on what the Kings’ forwards did well to play a strong possession game:
Yeah I think when you generate as many shots as we did you give yourself a good opportunity to win and it’s just bearing down on those second chances and putting them in the net and, yeah.

Jordan Nolan, on the Kings testing Lundqvist a lot but not converting shots in to goals:
Yeah that’s been our theme this year. We got a lot of good opportunities we just can’t find a way to put it in. Sooner or later we’ve got to find a way or it’s going to be too late and we’ll be out of the playoffs.

Nolan, on a lack of scoring is the reason the Kings have lost four in a row:
Yeah. That’s one of the reasons. Our compete level is not where it needs to be and we’re getting down early in games and we’re kind of struggling to fight back the whole time so it’s tough to do when you’re not scoring goals.

Nolan, on why the Kings have been struggling to fight back from one-goal deficits:
Yeah, if we’re down a goal or two and we’re not scoring a whole lot of goals it’s a lot mentally and we’ve just got to find a way to be more confident. Maybe we’ve just got to — I mean, do whatever it takes an individual to kind of get a goal. If we had the answer we’d probably be scoring a lot more right now but it’s tough.

Nolan, on Lundqvist’s performance:
Yeah. He’s one of the best goalies in the league. I know we were in his crease, we were having lots of shots, a few posts out there and guys just aren’t bearing down enough. That’s probably the simplest way you can put it, you know, guys have got to bear down a little bit more.