January 22 practice quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On Tom Gilbert, and any concern about effectiveness when players don’t play regularly:
That’s their problem, not mine. I don’t worry about that. Guys that are basically a six-seven-eight defenseman or a 12-13 forward, that’s their problem. They either perform or they don’t. They usually go out of the lineup because they don’t, so if you want to get back in and stay in, then [inaudible]. I’m not worried at all. You either do our you don’t. It’s the NHL. It’s not a development league. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 34.

On Anze Kopitar’s line, which began Saturday’s game with a strong first shift:
They had a strong game. Played through. As a team, we had a really good first period and, quite honest, we played really well right through. The problem we had was there weren’t any lines after Dowd went down. Kopi went with two sets of wingers, so he played probably four or five minutes more and he got taxed a little bit.

On Nic Dowd:
Nic Dowd’s fine. He’s enjoying New York. [Reporter: Is there an official ‘day-to-day’ thing? Because he’s not on IR or anything like that.] So then he’s officially day-to-day. [Reporter: He is then officially day-to-day?] Yeah.

On Matt Greene:
He’s been struggling with a back, groin, all that stuff – issues that he’s had off and on for the last number of years – and it acted up again on him. We shut him down again. He’s traveling with us. You know what? It’s the same as Tyler or Dowd or- [Reporter: Continue to evaluate him, that type of thing?] Yeah.