January 7 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On what adjustments the team made in the second period:
I’m not sure we did. I think if there was an adjustment, we didn’t give them any shots because just about anything they had in the first they scored on.

On what was said during the first period time out:
They scored two [road apples] goals. Faced a little adversity. We’ve seen it before this year, so just trying to bounce back.

On resilience of winning a game in overtime after allowing a final minute goal:
It’s regulation wins. That’s a regulation win, not overtime. They’re a high-scoring team, and we didn’t get the saves we needed, and we scored three goals because of it and we were able to survive that.

On Tanner Pearson having scored big goals over the past two seasons:
Yeah, he has. [Reporter: Is it something about him rising to the occasion, or he just good in overtime, hitting the net?] He’s a good player, gets to play three-on-three.

On whether it was good to see Marian Gaborik score:
Darn rights. He got one taken away from him last game, so it’s good to see him – those are around the net, break-in plays, so it was good to see him score.

On whether he’d vote for Jeff Carter for MVP:
Yeah, at least you asked me about MVPs on our team, not All-Stars. But he’s both, clearly.

On having a mental edge when teams are very close:
No, the teams aren’t that close. The team we were playing tonight was 25-9 or something, so they’ve clearly separated themselves with a couple other teams. It’s not that close. We need everybody to be way above average in order to survive a game with this team.