January 5 morning skate quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On whether he’d vote for Peter Budaj for the All-Star Game, if he had a vote:
I’m not really interested in talking about All-Stars.

On how well Budaj has played:
Well, just hit reset again. He’s played good. He’s played better at home than he has on the road, and it was good for him to get a win in San Jose.

On the importance of the seven-game home stand:
We haven’t had one. We haven’t had a seven-game home stand with the team, whatever. I couldn’t tell you. It’s not the ‘home stand.’ It’s every day and an afternoon game, I mean, what is that, six games in whatever it is, a short period of time, coming off Chirstmas. I really haven’t looked at it like that. We’re coming off two division games, tough games, tough travel up north, and trying to win tonight. You can talk to the guys about home stand or any of that stuff.

On breaking the season into segments:
We started a new month. … Finished against San Jose, started a new year, started a new month when we went on the road, so that’s how we approach it.

On whether he agrees that Marian Gaborik needs to look for his shot and scoring opportunities:
Yeah, I would agree a hundred percent. [Reporter: What else have you seen from him? Have you seen him getting frustrated at all, not breaking through?] Yeah, we sat him out because I was frustrated.

On the rising save percentage since the last Detroit game:
Save percentage is really important because it generally affects – we’re a team that doesn’t give up many shots, so if our goalie, we just came off four games where we probably gave up a total, five-on-five, not many scoring chances. Again, we expect our goalies to have a high save percentage. If they don’t, they’re not doing their job. So it doesn’t matter which goalie it is. So if you go just in the last four, in Vancouver, Edmonton, San Jose, San Jose. Break it down from there how important it is.