December 31 postgame quotes: Mike Stothers - LA Kings Insider

On Ryan Lomberg’s double-minor and if the Reign just started seeing blood for a comeback:
Well, you know what, yeah. And it was the individual himself that took the double-minor. And I’m not taking anything away from him, he’s a great player, good player, but you know what, he’s got to learn to play within the rules and shut his mouth a little bit. He’s one of those guys that plays on the edge and he crossed the line and, you know what, if there’s one message you can send your team it’s like, if you’re going to make somebody pay, make ’em pay. We didn’t do that last night. In the second period we had an opportunity. We talked about it after the game in the Bus Texts. You know what, and made mention today, put a team away. [Reporter: Latta OK on that?] Who? [Reporter: Latta, when he got his neck?] Latta? Oh yeah, he’s fine. He’s good. I don’t know, it’s hard to tell with him. What is good with Latta?

On the two goals in the third and the way this team never feels out of a game:
No. I mean, you know what, you come into a game and you know you’re down by two, you score. It’s two-one, they score. All’s you got to do is look up at the scoreboard, see how much time’s left. There’s lots of time. Part of the whole process that we talk about year after year in the start and the finishes. I think back to a couple weeks ago and it was last year it was the same thing. You get a weekend where it’s all doom and gloom and everybody thinks the sky is falling and you know, you just weather the storm. Enjoy the good moments. Right now it’s a good feeling. We know that’s not going to last forever. We know we’re going to have some more bumps in the road but you just take it as it comes you know and that’s kind of the way the game is. It’s a sixty-minute game. It’s not a two-minute game, it’s a sixty-minute game. Somebody scores first, no big deal, just keep plugging away.

On the effort from veterans Brett Sutter and Sean Backman on the game-winner:
How fast did Sutter look? [Reporter: Right?] Holy smokes. I didn’t know if that was a seven or a nine on his jersey. It was a seven. But he looked good. But that’s what they do. There’s a guy that’s a good veteran. He senses an opportunity to seize the moment and step up and make a big play. That’s what you need. You need your veteran guys. I know this is a development league but I can’t stress enough how important your veteran guys are, and our guys are great.

On a notable player in Michael Mersch being out of the lineup:
Biss didn’t play. Trotman didn’t play. Uhh, Privitera didn’t play. I think that covers it then. Flinner didn’t get in. Jack went the whole way. I think … [Reporter: Crescenzi] Cres is still out, yeah. … We’ve got a lot of guys that didn’t play. [Reporter: How’s Mersch doing? Can you provide any update on him and if this is an extended period of time thing?] Coach’s decision. His play’s got to improve. Just kidding. [Reporter: I know, we heard through team operations that he’s a bit banged up.] You didn’t hear anything. [Reporter: So, is it going to be a long-term banged up?] Well, Lindsay, if you show up every day you’ll know but if you’re going to go on an extended break here coming into 2017 you’ll have to find out from somebody else.

On how excited he is to be selected to coach the Pacific Division All-Stars again:
That’s an honor. It really is. It’s special. Three years in a row that’s pretty good. It’s more reflective of the organization itself and the guys. Great bunch of guys. We talked about the veteran guys but we’ve got some great young guys too. Very fortunate to have Chris Hajt helping me out. So, the whole staff from Hubie on down and the trainers and everybody that does their day-to-day grunt work to the players, it’s a team thing. So, I guess I’ve got to go to Lehigh. I’m not even sure where Lehigh is. I know it’s close to Hershey so that’s all right.

On this win being a nice way to end 2016:
Well, the hockey itself’s been good but I’m happy because my oldest daughter’s here. My two grandsons are here. My son-in-law’s here. And we don’t play for a week. So, I’m going to spend some good family time. So, yeah, 2016’s been great. Can’t wait to start 2017. I will not be awake when the ball drops on the West Coast. Has it dropped? I don’t even know what time it is now. [Reporter: It’s 9:20 or so.] Ryan Seacrest has gone to bed? [Reporter: I think so.] Did Mariah Carey, did she show up on time? [Reporter: I have no idea.] She’s very tardy. She wouldn’t play for me either. Punctuality. [Reporter: But Sutter showed up on time.] Yup. Merschy didn’t though.