December 31 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On the win:
We showed perseverance and focus and all that stuff. It was a tough month in terms of everything to do with the schedule.

On parity and the road performances following the Christmas break:
I’m not so sure that we didn’t play better in those two games. Again, it’s tight, it’s close. There’s three or four teams, and it’s dead on that have separated themselves because they’ve won almost twice as many, and then everybody else’ll say ‘there’s no difference, there’s no weak teams anymore.’

On whether the first two periods were a “blueprint” of how the team wanted to play:
We played the whole game like we want to play.

On getting a win after nine consecutive road games:
We haven’t played here for a long time. It was nice to play in front of our fans again.

On whether he has any New Year’s resolutions:
Yeah I do, but I can’t tell you. I’ve already thought about it. I’ve got three that I’m going to try to adhere to. If one of the three, if I get there in a hurry, I’ll tell you one at a time what they were. Happy new year, you guys.