December 29 pre-game quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On Jordan Nolan and his line’s recent play:
Well, he hasn’t been on a line. The way everything’s worked out, he’s played with lots of different guys. It took him a long time. He had that back surgery last year. I don’t think he was really at full runnin’ until probably the first of November. I think he’s gotten a little bit of that energy and enthusiasm back in his game that was lacking for a long time. He’s a boy that’s got to understand what his role is in terms of what he can give, in terms of the physical part of the game and the staying out of the penalty box part of the game and not turning pucks over – simple things like that – and he has to really stay in that wanting to be a 10-minute player.

On who will start in net:
I don’t tell you that.

On whether there’s anything he’d like to see more or less of from Anze Kopitar and Marian Gaborik:
I think Kopi for sure, pucks from the middle of the ice, shooting more. I think he’s trying to do that more, and that’s what Jeff does. I think Kopi’s a left [compared to] Jeff, so he should be doing it more, and Gabby sees himself as a scorer, so he’s got to score. The bottom line is that line, whoever’s playing there, has to chip in for us, and they’re not doing that. We’ve played really well for quite a while now, not giving up much, but we need those guys that are looked on to produce to chip in a little bit more.

On whether the team got the “turkey legs” out of the way last night:
Not really. This is our ninth game of a nine-game trip, so I would say last night was game eight of it, so there’s nothing to do with turkey, that’s for sure. We got home on Christmas eve, and we’ve been out staying on the road, [after] getting a two-day break. There was nothing to do with Christmas for us, that’s for sure.