December 13 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On Buffalo scoring four goals during a 6:13 stretch in the second period:
I think they had four goals in about five minutes. Was it six minutes? I thought it was five. [Reporter: How do you just kind of explain one led to the other, where did you see the issues?] Well, one didn’t lead to the other. I mean, first off, you’ve got to get some saves. We’ve had a lot of goals scored on us lately with very few shots against, but io think a couple of those goals were – O’Reilly beat us out of the corner, and Eichel beat us out of the corner, I would say. [Reporter: Some defensive zone confusion, though, it would seem, too.] Well, it’s not confusion when you get beat out of the corner.

On Jeff Carter, who “didn’t mince his words” after the loss:
Hey, Jeff’s one guy historically that’s played really well against Buffalo. I was looking at it today, and we have a lot of guys that have not [played well against Buffalo.] In fact, we had 12 guys in our lineup that had never scored a goal against Bufffalo, so if you ain’t going to score against ‘em, you sure as hell better check because they have some young guys with firepower.

On Carter and Anze Kopitar’s angered reactions, which included the desire to “get back to work”:
Yep. We practice tomorrow. If they’re telling you guys that, I don’t have to comment on that. They’re part of the leadership group, they’re captains, and you expect them to feel like that and say that.