November 27 postgame quotes: Mersch and Brodzinski - LA Kings Insider

Michael Mersch, on his effort and whether it was a reaction to Saturday’s loss:
Yeah. It was a tough go last night and we were hoping to rebound today. No jam. We’ve got to get back on the winning track. There’s not really any jam right now. I haven’t scored in how many games. Trying to go to the net, maybe, hoping one’s going to bounce off me. Or I’m going to find one there, something. Just can’t seem to get the bounces right now and it’s the difference between winning a losing for our team so it’s really frustrating for me.

Mersch, on what he thought was the difference in the game:
It’s tough. I’ve been saying this recently, it’s tough to tell right after the game what happened. We’ve been saying these details here so it’s going to be a good week of practice. Trying to think. We scored on the power play, so that was nice. It was a good shot by Brodzy. But just the whole game, putting a whole game together, all four lines. That’s it.

Jonny Brodzinski, on the areas the Reign need to improve:
Kind of a step backwards a little bit. But I think coming back into our zone, we’re not really picking up late guys. They’re getting opportunities off that and I think just identifying guys in our D-zone.

Brodzinski, on the breakdown that led to Kossila’s goal:
Right, yeah. It was a tough one. But I think we bounced back a bit with that late goal by LoVerde and then kind of a late surge but I think we’ve got to keep the pedal to the metal all game instead of just towards the end of the game.

Brodzinski, on the Reign’s lulls during the game and how to combat it:
Just a sense of urgency all game is what we need. There’s points of the game where we’ll have one or two shots in about 10 minutes and then there’ll be a point where we have 10 shots in two minutes. I think overall we’ve just got to improve our game.