A California history lesson in today's Darryl Sutter practice quotes - LA Kings Insider

On his comment yesterday about his satisfaction on this year’s defense:
Well, I said I would like it when I saw Brayden McNabb with it. Mobility is nine-tenths of that. It’s the way it works now. You’ve got to be mobile going back for the puck and mobile enough to make a play, and you’ve got to have the courage and the composure to do that. We’ve seen times where Forbs and Kevin have trouble with that – the composure or making the right play – but that’s what we’re going to go through here. That’s part of putting them in the lineup, and two rookies in the lineup on defense is not a normal thing to do. It’s usually one, but we’re putting two in, and we’re going to run with it.

On whether Derek Forbort is gaining confidence playing with Drew Doughty:
He’s played with him quite a few games. Drew, other than two games, our thing was to put him with Brayden, and Brayde got hurt, and then put him with Forbort. We put Marty there to get Forbs for a game or so, but that’s part of the thing. It’s got nothing to do with confidence. If you’re getting to play a lot, then if a player’s using confidence when he’s playing lots as an out clause, then we’ve got a higher spot to build his confidence. I don’t think confidence is any issue with those kids. It’s adjusting, first off, to the schedule. They’re not used to it. That’s one thing about the Reign schedule where you only play a limited amount of games. It’s really hard for these kids when you call ‘em up. We’d seen it last year that they weren’t ready for the every-other-game pace part of it, because they don’t play that there. And then, these long trips, quality of opponent, it’s something that’s really important at home, you’re a little more able to get guys on the ice against who you want, and on the road you’re not, so there’s an exposure there that they have to climatize themselves to.

On any “appreciation” for the early tenure of New Jersey Head Coach John Hynes:
I don’t know. There’s lots of new ones. Couldn’t tell if he’s any different to anybody else. Those guys that’ve coached a long time in the league, then I have an appreciation. [Reporter: New Jersey seems like a team that plays with very good structure.] They have since they moved from Colorado to New Jersey.

On whether Jeff Zatkoff is ready to play:
He said he was ready last time. He was ready to play, but there’s three periods. I don’t have much patience for that stuff now. [Reporter: The back-to-back this weekend doesn’t factor into how you might want to split the goaltending?] We’ve got one goalie that’s got a winning record and we’ve got one goalie that hasn’t won a game yet. So I tend to lean towards the guy whose got a winning record. Actually, Jack’s got a winning record, too. He’s got a 1.000 save percentage. I’d say right now those would be my two choices. [Reporter: Did Jack go back to Ontario?] Yeah, I found that out this morning. I was wondering. I was out on the ice, and we’d seen four goalies. One’s available, and the other three aren’t, but I found out it’s only two out there, and the third one was not available because he was traveling – panning for gold in Stockton. [Reporter: What are your thoughts on the 1848 gold rush?] You know, there was a show when we were growing up – true story – and Stockton was the town in the show. It was an old western. I think it was The Virginian, and that was the town they rode into. And they did go into the bar, got into a fight, remember? [Reporter: You know, you can still go gold panning up in Northern California. It’s a tourist thing up there. My hometown was right near Sutter’s Fort.] That’s how the Sutters got to America, was Sutter’s Mill. That’s where gold was struck, at Sutter’s Mill. … That’s why California was a state. John Augustus Sutter lost the mill when California was bought by America, because everybody that had a title and then lost title because it belonged to Mexico or Spain, so they all lost titles. We went from here to Canada. Actually, if you look it up, he was the single biggest landowner in before what was California, so he thought he had lots, and he didn’t have nothing. They built a wall around it.

On Jonathan Quick:
We’ve seen him lots the last two or three days. He’s feeling a lot better, but he’s still not in any sort of train mode. It’s not even rehab mode, it’s just waiting. I’m not sure when Jonathan’s next appointment is to get his next update.