November 15 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On the two goals 22 seconds apart on one shift:
Two quick goals, yeah. Not a great goal, the first one, the goal from behind the net. I thought we showed a lot of hang-in-there attitude, though, to make it 2-1 on the power play. A really good goal by that line, even though it’s power play. We had chances to tie it up. We made a soft play for the third goal. It’s one of those experience plays that’s kind of learning as you go.

On whether he was OK with the contested goal being upheld:
Hey, I’m challenging every goal. When you’re having trouble scoring, if I could have 15 challenges, I’m challenging every one. I don’t care. I’ve got the big screen right there in front of me. I’m challenging them all. You know what, to answer that properly, that’s all right, just to have one of those, right? Do I like guys in front of the goalie and all that stuff? Darn rights. That’s Jarome Iginla. Friggin’ scores [however many goals] he’s got. Stand in front of the net, and you know what? You’re challenging it because the goalie’s in the blue paint and he gets bumped a little. Most goalies are not going to allow that to bother them there.

On Semyon Varlamov’s performance:
He made some great saves. Even when it was 2-1, I’m not sure – I couldn’t see from the bench a couple of those backdoor plays. I think one hit the post on him, but even it was 2-0, before we scored the power play goal, he made some big saves. It was a lot like his game against Boston, to be quite honest.

On the 1-3-1 road trip:
It’s disappointing. We had points going into 10 seconds or whatever was left in Ottawa, and we plaued really hard in Winnipeg, and it’s a shootout. It’s a three breakaways versus three breakaways deal. It comes back to saves there. Tonight, hey, it’s not easy. They’re a big team and in a high altitude, finishing a trip’s a hard game to play, and we were right there. You’ve got to find dirty ways to score goals. That’s what they did.