October 15 postgame quotes: Stothers and Campbell - LA Kings Insider

Mike Stothers, on the win:
It wasn’t the prettiest but it was OK.

Stothers, on Jack Campbell’s performance:
He had a good game. Had some real nice saves for us so good for him, I’m very happy for him. [Reporter: He got some help.] I think for the first game and the fact that we won a game in this building, which is tough to do, I was pretty happy with the overall effort and performance. I think there’s a difference yet and usually you have to go through this at the start of the year, there’s a difference of playing with a lead and protecting a lead. I think we were a little bit guilty of being a little too guarded and cautious instead of just playing. But it’s good to get the first one.

Stothers, on how this team compares to last year’s team:
Well we’re only one game into it but I think it was pretty good that we could roll four lines. I think that’s important for everybody to be able to play. We experimented with some guys that got a little bit more time on special teams whether it was penalty kill or power play. There’s still a lot to be sorted out, though. We haven’t been together as a group all that long. I think everybody’s role will become crystal clear here in short order and I’m excited about it. It’s a good group of guys and it’s a good start.

Stothers, on playing Paul Bissonette on defense:
We didn’t have LaDue. He was scheduled to play. [Reporter: Is he hurt?] He’s got a lower-body injury that he sustained in practice on Thursday. So, we have the luxury of having Biss, who can play forward and defense and to be honest with you, you need a presence like Biss in this rink against this team. [Reporter: So Cernak was healthy then?] Yes, yes. [Reporter: Presence, that’s a good way to put it.] You need a presence. [Reporter: Someone to keep Bickel on his toes?] Well, you expect a physical game in here. You don’t want anybody on your team to get hurt because you didn’t have the right personnel dressed. There’s going to be times where it’s not needed but just going in here tonight I think it was good to help settle things down. Biss is versatile, that’s why he’s lasted as along as he has.

Stothers, on when Rob Scuderi will join the team:
Are you coming to practice Monday? [Reporter: Yes.] You’ll see him for the first time. [Reporter: I know he had some injuries in camp is that why he hasn’t been around?] He’s got to try and figure out what exactly he wants to do, and his family. So a guy who’s had as good a career as he has you just give him the time. Get his personal affairs in order and what he wants to do and whatever he brings to us it will be valuable. We’re looking forward to it. I think once he gets into our environment and sees on a daily basis what we’ve got going in Ontario, it’s a great set-up and it looks like it’d be a half-decent team so I think the youth around him will make him feel young again and geez, he might have another 7 or 8 years left in him.

Stothers, on LaDue’s injury:
I don’t think it’s too bad. It’s unfortunate because he had a great training camp and we were looking forward to having him tonight, but there’s a lot of hockey left to be played so I’m sure he’ll get his fair share of ice time.

Jack Campbell, on his first game for the Reign and their structured defense:
It was awesome to be in there. It’s just a great group of guys. We work so hard every day. The coaches push us but the tradition here is to win and being in there tonight was really exciting. I got to see firsthand why they’ve had so much success over the years and it’s just great to get in there and for everybody to get that win tonight.

Campbell, on the third period and facing 17 shots as San Diego pushed:
We had a great first. I thought we really took it to them. And then you know they’re going to push back at home in the third. I don’t think they play tomorrow so they weren’t going to save it for anything. We’ll work on playing with leads and stuff like that but I thought the guys just did a tremendous job. Even though they were attacking we were still blocking shots and making simple plays and I was really impressed with the guys’ effort out there tonight.

Campbell, on taking on the No. 1 role with Budaj up in L.A.:
I don’t think about being a backup or being a starter in my head I just think about what can I do. This year, for the first time, I’ve had a goalie coach and Dusty and I are working so hard every day and my focus is on what we’re working on out there. And then when I’m away from the game I’m just thinking about whatever I can do to be a good pro. Nothing in my head goes through thinking about end result-type things like, ‘am I going to be in there or not?’ I just do my best to be ready and then that’s what everybody does when you come out and get a win so it’s just nice to have that.

Campbell, on how nice it is to have a goalie coach like Dusty Imoo:
I think my preseason and tonight speaks volumes about Dusty. I just feel really confident in my game and I know what kind of goalie I am now and with his help it’s just about working on my foundation that I hadn’t had and now it’s just slowly getting better each day and that’s all we’re doing.

Campbell, on what it’s like to take a puck off the mask:
Honestly I think I took 3 or 4 off the face tonight but you sign up for it and you get used to it. It really doesn’t hurt or anything. I just feel like I’m lucky that I have a facemask on opposed to the guys on my team diving in front of pucks without one. It’s all good, it’s just part of the position.