October 7 morning skate quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On his impressions of T-Mobile Arena:
It’s an impressive building. From the outside – we’d seen it last year when it was almost completed, but we didn’t see the front part, so now it is completed. It’s a very nice building. It looks like your sightlines, your lighting, obviously they’ll use this weekend as a real measuring stick, I think, of what they’ll have to do or adjust. It sure looks nice.

On Adrian Kempe’s preseason, and what he’d like to see from him this weekend:
I think it was addressed earlier in camp. He’s got a good skill set and is a fast player, a smart player. We’ve moved him around just because of Kopi’s absence, and one day in practice when Tanner’s suspension came down, so hopefully he has a good weekend. [Reporter: With his speed at center and wing, he’s a versatile player there – is there anything that you’ve seen at either one that’s different from either position?] Not really. He’s played a lot of center in Europe, and when he was drafted and came over here he was primarily used as a left winger. I think his adjustment last year and probably why he wasn’t used at center was just the big ice. I think the adjustment, the responsibilities, I think in Europe they’ll play more of a zone type, and here, if you do that, you’re in trouble. I think he’s in some ways flown under the radar here. I think that there are players that have been given credit or assumptions that he’s clearly outplayed them. [Reporter: What has he improved upon the most since, say, last year at this time?] You know, he’s just a year older. That’s all. Just straight maturity with him, and coming from a different type of game, with the hockey IQ that he has and the speed that he has, the only adjustment is experience. He’s adjusted to the ice. You can see that. He’s a fun player to watch.

On Rob Scuderi not skating with the group in Las Vegas:
Well, Scuds has had a tough camp. He’s only been in one game, and another game he was slotted in he was not healthy to go. Dean and him sat down either yesterday or the day before and went over it, so you can get more of that from him. We weren’t going to be able to get him into either one of these games, and he missed a game, so it’s been a tough camp for him. … I have way too much respect for Scuds … to even to get into any of that. I’d said it at the start of camp. I want all those guys to do well, and I want to give them every opportunity, and then when he got banged up, we haven’t been able to do it, and once we got into the last weekend, we’re still with a lot of defensemen.