April 9 morning skate quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On the team’s regular season:
We had a great regular season. When you’ve done all your analysis, you’re going to say that this team had a great regular season. Home, road, opponents, goals for, goals against. You’ll look and say that in the 50 years that keeps getting brought up, that it’s maybe in all those areas it might be the best regular season they’ve ever had.

On whether reaching 103 points is a motivating factor:
We have 101. We’ve already had a great regular season.

On any general challenges on the 82nd and final game of a regular season:
Tough long season. It’s a good feeling. [Reporter: When you are actually in the 82nd game some teams may have things tangible to play for, other teams may not, so are there ever any challenges as a player on the final regular season game?] There’s always tangible in every game for players to play for. I think that there’s young players playing for jobs, not just on their own team, but to be recognized in the league, depending on what their contract status is. I think there are teams that are trying to see where they’re at in terms of maybe from a coaching or a veteran or a leadership standpoint to see where they can help address something going forward. I think there are guys that have individual goals they can still reach, if they’re on an entry-level contract, I think there are older players that maybe think they’re playing their last game ever. There’s so much to play for always, and it jumps out. It always jumps out.